Sustaining the CAGR & Arresting ASP Erosion
Background & Objective

The company is a market leader in bench- top HbA1c solutions. The key question that the project needed to answer was: How does the company sustain its CAGR growth? And prevent ASP erosions to annual discount demands from labs.


Primary research showed that penetration of HbA1c as a modality was < 5% in the addressable market, suggestive of the fact that there is enough headroom for market creation . The company was in a position to drive the market growth towards its objective by improving the category’s penetration in the existing market.
A dedicated B2C online campaign was created to drive consumer demand for HbA1c and drive foot falls to the labs with the company’s installed base. The objective is to create market to drive the required growth. A focussed communication strategy was also developed to position the company as a valued partner to counter the annual discount discussions.

Today the company reaches out to ~ 9 Lakhs patients on a monthly basis with a defined call to action, them reaching the target microsite, searching for labs near them and booking a test. The conversion rate has been > 5%.
The labs working overtime, have started partnering with this campaign and owing to the initial response have started now begun linking their CRM to the sites.

Repositioning The Product Offering for India

Background & Objective

The company had acquired a vascular closure device for femoral interventions. The brand was not gaining the traction in the Indian market. The company intended to diagnose the issue and relook its GTM for India.
The pricing challenges further compounded the issue as the customers were not seeing the value the product brought forth to warrant additional charges.


Primary research revealed that TG did not relate to the efficacy and TAT message element globally prevalent with the offering. It also gave us the perspective of the more relatable message elements.
The Agency assisted the company in redefining the positioning statement & the value proposition from “Efficiency” to “Uncomplicate” procedures for high risk patients.
All related sales tool / collaterals and clinical content was developed by the agency aligned to the defined S.T.P.

The collateral with the revised messaging has been deployed last quarter. The impact will be evaluated, and deviations will be addressed on a quarterly basis.
Initial response is positive.

Creating Value For An Online Patient Education Offering
Background & Objective

Owing to the latest FCPA guidelines on patient privacy, the company has a global mandate to relook at its patient engagement strategy. While the competition is strengthening their patient engagement through educators , the company intends to relaunch its online diabetes education platform in India.
The earlier launch was not successful as clinicians do not see the value an online engagement tool will add.


Provident Ventures assessed their current strategy and revamped the offering’s positioning from a replacement of the diabetes educators to an additional resource that ensures any time accessibility, patient confidentiality & standardised quality of education. This was based on agency’s own interactions with the stakeholders.
The entire communication strategy was redeveloped . The program logo was designed. A mascot called “Vishwas” was created to personify the message of credibility. A starter kit was designed to drive patient enrolment All related sales collaterals for both online and off line engagements were developed.

The campaign has been launched last quarter. The initial response from the sales team is exciting. The 70% of initial lot of starter kits have been utilized. 1st Quarter objective of patient enrolment have been met.

Driving Therapy Choice For A New Offering

Background & Objective

Owing to the NPPA challenges in the ortho implant category and eroding bottom lines. The company intends to leverage its ortho-biologic solutions in India to cater to the osteoarthritis patients, earlier in their disease lifecycle.
The company intends to launch solutions for mild OA (osteoarthritis) cases. Today the company primarily deals with severe OA cases where implants are required. The company is currently caught in a vicious cycle of installations being driven by patient’s demand for the therapy and vice versa. The objective is to create a dedicated B2C campaign for OA patients. The call for Action primarily is for these patients to enquire about the therapy from their doctors thereby instigating a virtuous cycle of installations fuelled by improved therapy choice.


Provident Ventures defined the communication campaign to address the emotional needs and create the demand for the solutions offered.
The medium is primarily online, including targeted FB promotion & SEO. Offline promotions are limited to in- clinic collaterals for patients, doctors, and tools to assist the paramedics and technicians. The messaging has been revamped to the emotional needs of “Don’t miss out on Life” rather than focussing on pain management.

The installed base growth as well as number of patient enquiries has met expectations. Monthly online analytics are used to keep tab on NPS, and deviations are managed appropriately.

Redefining The Value Proposition
Background & Objective

The client is a social organization of global repute, working on mandate of developing vaccines & monoclonal antibodies for TB, HIV & snake bites. If successful, these discoveries will change the way these diseases are managed saving millions of lives world over. The client intended to make sure that these solutions reach all those who need it.
The client is extensively funded by Government, philanthropies and International bodies. The NGO intended to engage actively with HNI individuals and their foundations in India to further attract funding in India.


Provident Ventures is given the mandate of recreating the entire Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning for their current offerings, crafting the key message elements and all required collaterals thereof.

Provident Ventures worked with the NGO in defining their call list as per the defined TG as well helping them with communication of the said value propositions . The NGO has started with the execution last month. Initial response seems positive. The KPI have been defined and will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Redefining The Driving Therapy Choice Against A Well
Established Competition

Background & Objective

The company has an innovative solution in the field of molecular diagnostics for screening and detection of TB. It is already approved by WHO and other Indian and International bodies of repute for TB Diagnosis & Screening. Just launched in India, its competition is mainly with well-established Smear Microscopy and Cartridge / Chip based RTPCR systems.


Drive awareness for the modality and eventually choose among labs, public health professionals & clinicians in the target demographics. Create a campaign microsite which serves as a landing page for all online & social media promotions.
Create collaterals as per the defined positioning and key message elements for driving demand among the labs & clinicians. Create collaterals for labs so that they are able to promote the solution to their customers.

One of the largest lab chains in India have already signed up a co- promotion contract for the technology.
The initial feedback for the collaterals is positive.

Creating A Digital Ecosystem

Background & Objective

The idea of returning to pre-COVID conditions is becoming less plausible and every business model has had to transform seemingly overnight. In the current scenario, health care companies, providers and patients have had to make this change even quicker.
Data suggests that 80% of healthcare providers and patients will continue to practice social distancing in the long term. Other behavioural shifts include the adoption of digital services such as telemedicine and digital payments by patients, implementation of new sales and marketing channels by healthcare companies, increased spending on online healthcare and wellness by providers and evolving public health infrastructure to name a few.
Our Client, An MNC pharmaceutical company intended to leverage the digital ecosystem by proactively reaching out its TG through the digital mediums like social media & emailer campaigns.


A complete digital ecosystem was created along with a campaign specific microsite, Social Media platforms etc. Clinical & Creative content was developed bottoms up aligned to the product positioning & company’s communication strategy. Platform like Marketo and SFDC were leveraged for deployment.

The 1st phase of online deployment has been successful.

Although the process involved continuous use analytics, the initial feelers seem to be promising in terms of established CTA and overall brand choice in favour of the client.

Creating A Future Ready Sales Team
Background & Objective

The client is a market leader in flexible scope market in India. Earlier operating in India through an importer, client acquired the entire operations including the sales team when it came in directly. The client believed the overall capability of this acquired sales force was not aligned to the global standards of the organization. The client’s products are feature rich but were not fully deployed for bettering patient outcomes, according to many of its customers. This had become a competitive vulnerability as under cost pressure hospital will move to low-cost equipment with only base features.


The project encompassed diagnostics of the requirements through field work, customised a framework and curriculum as per the diagnosis. Executed the actual training program over 2 phases: on field coaching followed by final intervention to check on the deviations.

The training ensured the following for the client and their sales team: A common selling language. An actionable, structured process for sales. Improved soft skills for customer management. Clinical selling & objection handling.

It helped to create a sustainable competitive advantage and importantly improved commercial outcomes.

End to End JCI accreditation of Nawaloka Hospitals PLC Colombo Sri Lanka

Nawaloka Hospitals PLC is one of the oldest Hospitals of Sri Lanka established over 35 years ago, with about 400 + beds, it is one of the largest Private Healthcare providers of Sri Lanka. Nawaloka Hospitals did not have a quality team and quality processes in place when the chairman had a discussion with our team to look for improvements in patient care, quality care and subsequently achieve JCI accreditation. Our Team led by Dr. Prabhu Vinayagam set out to establish a benchmark in Sri Lanka on how to accomplish JCI accreditation within the stipulated period of time.


The Timeline agreed was 8 months from start to finish to achieve JCI accreditation. As per JCI data, a hospital typically takes 18 to 24 months from the time of decision to go for accreditation to finally achieving accreditation. This was impossible from time-line perspective especially when none of the quality processes were in place.

  • We set up action force to achieve this near impossible target.
  • Firstly, a quality team was constituted- The quality team was tasked to recruit chapter heads from various functions.
  • A detailed training was conducted for all the 50 team members.
  • Chapter owners were appointed and responsibilities with clear deliverables and metrics were defined.
  • From then on, we started to develop the policies. Each policy was implemented, continuous training was conducted daily. Clinical protocols and clinical pathways were established.
  • 6 months down the line. All policies were implemented, and Mock Survey was conducted by International experts from Singapore to identify the gaps.
  • Almost 150 gaps were identified. Further training was conducted, mock survey was conducted from International experts from Singapore. 25 gaps were identified.
  • JCI final Survey was scheduled exactly 8 months from the first decision.
  • Successfully achieved JCI accreditation (3 months were delayed due to bomb explosion in Sri Lanka and JCI had to postpone the Survey).

JCI standards Training

  • MGM Hospital (Mumbai), Bombay Hospital (Mumbai), Phong chu hospital (Ho chi minh City), GKNM, PSG Hospitals (Coimbatore), Apollo Hospitals (Dhaka).
  • A detailed understanding of Accreditation Standards from JCI.
  • A 5 day training program covering all the standards of JCI Accreditation was undertaken.
  • A detailed workshop with deciphering each standard and its measurable elements with examples and real time experiences were conducted to more than 2000 Participants.
  • The workshop included case studies and other materials for better understanding of each standard and its implementation processes.

Mock Surveys

  • Max Hospital Saket, New Delhi, Lanka Hospital Colombo Sri Lanka
  • Mock Survey was requested for their re-accreditation process with JCI
  • 5 – day detailed mock survey was undertaken with international consultants on the lines of JCI final accreditation process.
  • The survey report was generated which outlines the good processes followed by the hospital and the gaps in the implementation process was reported.
  • Based on the recommendation an improvement process was put in place and the hospitals successfully got their re-Accreditation
Market Intelligence

A Japanese Med Tech company with interest in flexible endoscopes category approached us to gain insight into the current market dynamics including its drivers and restrains in India. The client intended to validate its market understanding of Secondary Research and facilitate growth through better business planning, GTM strategy, sales force productivity, account management practices and customer relationship management.

As a means of better understanding,
the company wanted to ascertain the following

  • Business Impact due to the current COVID-19 crisis from Micro and Macro-economic perspective based on the interactions with Key CXO’s, Procurement and Distributors and an Analyst’s perspective on the purchase behaviour impact and change.
  • No. of MCI recognized Medical colleges along with approved MD/DM/DNB seats each year for each product segment along with trend.
  • Market Segmentation on a 4-year horizon based on current and external validations.
  • Competitive trends by Market share and estimated growth.
  • Types of scopes along with trends, percentage and weightage:
  • GI Endoscopes- Gastroscopes, Colonoscopes and Duodenoscopes; ENT Endoscopes- Fibreoptic and Video ENT scopes; Bronchoscopes- Fibreoptic Bronchoscopes, video & disposable Video Bronchoscopes; Ultrasound Endoscopes- Ultrasound Endoscopes and Endo-bronchial scopes.
  • Applications for GI, Pulmonology and ENT/SVS along with geographical penetrations region wise and Tier I, II, III cities broad trends only with segmentation of Government, Private, Corporate and Charitable Trusts.
  • Procedural Volumes which will include no. of procedures, overall growth trends on a national level.
  • Modi-care, Ayushman Bharat & other Government/Private medical insurance impact on flexible endoscopy market, Govt Insurance policies & Healthcare reimbursement schemes trend, Cancer Screening process impact on endoscopy market growth.

Diagnostics: Secondary research of India with validation from Identified CXO’s, Users, Procurement, Distributors on 1-1 engagement with a maximum of 12 such interactions with representation across the identified regions and tiers.

Analyst interpretation:
Analysis of the collated data from secondary research and the external validation and providing inferable information for business impact.

Detailed report:
Comprehensive report covering all the required aspects and establishment of business opportunities in the immediate terms as well as future potential.

We provided our client with a very detailed map of the market with existing and future market drivers . This helped our client strategize their short and long term investments in India.

Creating the Hospital Franchise & Entry Strategy
Background & Objective

The nutraceutical brand is a well established in the B2C/ Trade segment and penetration in the formal hospital segment was nearly non existent. Client intended to establish its hospital franchise in India . Provident Ventures was given the mandate of formulating a GTM strategy and the execution model thereof.


To create a program which can provide a platform for engagement with Dieticians / Nutritionists / Clinicians

Developed ONE+ (Optimum Nutrition for Everyone) program, which addresses the need for Nutrition Assessment. Through this program, the client’s sales team now has access to the stakeholders among the clinicians & Dieticians. The mandate included creation of appropriate tools for the program deployment.

The flagship brand and its sub brands successfully established in the shortlisted 20 hospitals in Phase 1. Included the product into their formulary for OPD usage in Paediatrics, OB-GYN, Geriatrics, Young Adults with metabolic disorders. Replaced competition from these 20 hospitals. The project is now being managed by the client’s hospital team.

And More…